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In addition to the TVPA, the Mann Act makes it illegal to “knowingly transport or entice someone to travel in foreign commerce to engage in prostitution,” and the Travel Act makes it illegal to “use foreign commerce for ‘unlawful activities.’ Prostitution is listed among those unlawful activities.

Global Fantasies, which advertises "beautiful girls…between 18 and 28 years of age" and allows "guests to pre-select their companions after booking" with "additional companions for specific requests readily available," is blatantly violating US federal law.

She has since undergone endocrinological testing to confirm her intersex status.

We are advocating for the US government to specifically report on its own efforts to prosecute sex tour operators such as Global Fantasies.

This map shows the ratio of men to women in each of the fifty states, based on 2010 U.

Alaska is by far the manliest state, with almost 109 men for every 100 women.

But everybody is vulnerable in a certain way, and [traffickers] are just very good at finding those ways and using that against them." Because of these widespread vulnerabilities, even kids that don't fit Ghali's or Flores' general profiles are at risk.

They said she had dark, wavy hair and pierced ears.

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Its labor force is cited as among the best in the region: educated, easily trainable, industrious, and English-speaking.