Self monitoring and dating relationships Damala sex

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Self monitoring and dating relationships

is the act of observing and regulating one’s own behavior in a social context.

Most people self-monitor to some degree, falling somewhere in a wide spectrum — from high monitoring to almost zero monitoring — which is strongly tied to other personality traits.

Undergraduates (n=188) completed: a survey of television and soap opera viewing habits; the Relationship Beliefs Inventory, measuring dysfunctional relationship beliefs; and Snyder's Self-Monitoring Scale.

It was hypothesized was that there would be positive associations between viewing habits and endorsement of dysfunctional relationship beliefs. High television viewing was associated with the belief “the sexes are different,” and high soap opera viewing was associated with the belief “mindreading is expected” between partners.

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They tend to project a particular image of themselves in order to fit in or impress others.

We know that high self-monitors prefer (and choose) careers in theater, public relations, law, politics, and diplomacy; they are happier in, more confident about and more successful at selling; they respond to “task-oriented” rather than “relationship-oriented” leadership; and in job selection, they are influenced by candidate appearances, demeanor, and mannerism.

And we know that low self-monitors consider themselves sincere and compassionate, so they choose careers in social services or the “helping” professions; they work best when in groups of people like themselves; they respond to “relationship-oriented” rather than “task-oriented” leadership; and in job selection, they are most interested in jobs linked to inner dispositions.

They tend to project an image true to their inner selves rather than put on a facade.

Low self-monitors tend to care little about adjusting their behavior to the social situation and keep the same beliefs and attitudes regardless of others’ opinions.

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Although self-monitoring is positively related to social skills, little research informs how it influences relational processes.