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allow the user to enter 5 characters/numbers, then write them to a file.However, I get a compile error on BOOL Write File() saying this: error: initializer expression list treated as compound expression What am I doing wrong here?Is there a particular reason you put the BOOL in there? On Line 23, you're not calling the function, you're attempting to instantiate an object of the BOOL type called Write File. Simply click here to conduct an instant scan for Createfile Error 2 as well as similar issues.I tried several time to install Oracle to my Windows 7 laptop but each time I found the error Create File error 32 when trying set file time.I told one of the Oracle expert guy and he told me that the reason of that problem is my operating system problem.Createfile Error 2 error message codes are often created by damaged system files within the Windows operating system.When you have Createfile Error 2 error message then we strongly advise that you perform an error message scan.

Create File() Write File() - C Win API, Create File() Write File(). I was using Kaspersky and that created such problem.Today, I again heard the same issue from one of my friend and told him that the problem is due to the antivirus.I’ve run into a problem on Windows that appears to be specific to users of Trend Micro’s Officescan anti-virus product.At least, I’ve only had the issue reported to me by users of the Trendmicro product.

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