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Pornography is edging its way from the margins into the mainstream -- partly with the help of some of America's biggest and most respected companies, but mainly because pornography is the entertainment of choice for millions of Americans.

Here's a look at who's profiting from porn, who's consuming it, and what the insiders say about its future.

In these excerpts from their extended interviews with FRONTLINE, Sam Agboola and Danni Ashe of Danni's Hard Drive, Larry Flynt and Jim Coles of Larry Flynt Publications, and Bill Asher, president of Vivid Entertainment, one of the country's largest sex-video production companies, discuss the economics of their business and their visions for its future growth.

Ashe is the founder and CEO of Danni's Hard Drive, one of the most popular porn sites on the Internet.

Three out of four men were not averse to the idea and demonstrated support for this. They try to live once more with this man…but it seems like they can’t live the life they want. If they don’t pay out in front of women they have an inferiority complex that they appear as though they have no talent. Even if they can’t pay out a lot, should they have to pay for something like coffee, at least? They go to a nightclub and waste money to buy expensive Western liquers so that they can try to sleep with a woman once. If they go to a club in Hongdae they dance and grind with girls but the only thing they think of is getting laid. If a woman only even slightly glances at them, then they’re happy, even if she doesn’t mean it. Right, but if the woman then goes out and cheats, he can’t forgive her. If a woman sleeps around she is a crazy slut or a user, but if a man sleeps around it’s thought of as being a natural sexual appetite. They think it’s crazy and brainless that a woman might like tall men, but that it’s reasonable that they like women with big breasts. Just as not every man conforms to this, not every woman is rubbish either.

Finally, the male participants in the survey were asked what they would think if a woman offered to ‘go Dutch’ on the first date. This is a phenomenon created by men who are a bit dim. Though men waste money paying for PC bang, booze and fags, the fact that women go for coffee, they say is indulgent and they call her a doenjangnyo. If there is only a hot girl, they’ll waste money on presents and stuff, but if she doesn’t put out they talk shit about her. Even when the time comes to get married they only look for a young beautiful woman, and so they end up on the shelf. After they’re married and they see the woman without make-up or looking rough they think it’s perfectly natural to cheat on them. If we calculate things one by one like this, then it’s all pretty baseless.His paper was followed by the 1944 book Theory of Games and Economic Behavior, co-written with Oskar Morgenstern, which considered cooperative games of several players.The second edition of this book provided an axiomatic theory of expected utility, which allowed mathematical statisticians and economists to treat decision-making under uncertainty.If netizen interpretations of the world of Korean blind dating are anything to go by, a woman trying to snare an unsuspecting gentleman really ought to think about treating him to something a bit stronger.But most controversial of all was that not a single person replied that the woman should pay for everything.

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