Dating exposed surface contexts

Posted by / 19-Dec-2017 23:43

Dating exposed surface contexts

At this level of specificity, we can compare the luminescence signals of sherds exposed to varying temperatures and duration of heat at the same time.This study is a guide for archaeologists dating sites where surface collection of artifacts is the only sampling method permitted.

An example would be a ditch "cut" through earlier deposits.

We report here on the 2007 discovery, in perfect archaeological context, of part of the engraved and ocre-stained undersurface of the collapsed rockshelter ceiling from Abri Castanet, Dordogne, France.

The decorated surface of the 1.5-t roof-collapse block was in direct contact with the exposed archaeological surface onto which it fell.

Comparison of the dates for the Castanet ceiling and those directly obtained from the Chauvet paintings reveal that the “vulvar” representations from southwestern France are as old or older than the very different wall images from Chauvet.

Archeology is the scientific study of past human culture and behavior, from the origins of humans to the present.

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