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Dating assholes

If you want more from love, letting me help you is the best first step you could take. "I've been telling all my single girlfriends about your seminar.I teach you the why’s, the behaviours, the language, and the knowledge you need to succeed in your love life. In fact, days after the seminar I used the info to help a girlfriend stop chasing after a lazy guy who just wasn't that into her!All names, aliases, and identifying details have been changed.The address that emailed me, [email protected], sounded more like a newsletter listing Manhattan parties and Brooklyn festivals than a man searching for love.

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A lot of times women get chastised for overlooking the ‘nice’ guys and going for the assholes, jerks, and bad boys.

Why do women go after men that don’t treat them as well as they could or should?

But with a little lesson on the Sociology, Anthropology, Biology, and Psychology of who you are, you’ll understand just how amazing it is to be a woman who leads the way when it comes to love. It all starts with your peace of mind, and I make that first step easy as pie.

Within weeks of working together you’ll notice an improvement in your state of mind, your patience, and your ability to tune into yourself and what you truly want and need, all of which are vital keys to finally having the relationship you always strive to achieve.

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And often, people make it harder on themselves, like women who are attracted to jerks.

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