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She says that because Black women are so devalued in the public eye—the media, etc., we become devalued personally, too.

Thus, we don’t have as much romantic currency in North American society as, say, White women. Who can argue that Black women are constantly being low-rated in the media, and in rap songs played by trashy Negroes passing by in their 1965 beat-up Buicks that they put thousand-dollar rims on? My solution to the current Black-on-Black dating situation facing Black women is to encourage Sisters to stop worrying about Black men, and start tending to their own self-esteem.

Instead of lowering standards and dating men who are clearly unworthy or worse, sharing a part of a supposed decent man with another Sister, we should start embracing our uppity.

I mean, we’ve tried everything else, like throwing our pride to the side–at this point what do we have to lose by celebrating ourselves FIRST?

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome you to my site here about my books and columns.

I have been honored to have you read my work over the years, or to have been with me, listening to my radio shows like Love Phones -- or calling in on the show! What really matters to me is caring between people, and being "present" at every moment -- that makes you feel really alive and really connected to others -- and happy!

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Don’t even bother trying to see two girls who live in the same communal housing (e.g. And when the two girls find out, vengeance will be swift.

I have a dear friend who explained to me a while back why so many Black women have such a hard time dating out there.

” (Like one can’t thrive if the other is doing well.) As I told my friend, I know who my Master/Mistress is, and that is not the media, Steve Harvey, or some trifling Negro blasting misogynist curse words at me from his stereo speakers in the name of some other trifling Negro’s alleged musical/artistic license.

As the exclusive agency for this line, WCG established a dedicated news bureau that supported five to 15 new titles monthly while actively promoting older titles.

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Juggling girls, however, is harder than it would seem, especially in college.

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